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25 interesting facts about carrots

Hello dear readers!

Europeans are very fond of carrots, they have the most popular vegetable No. 2 after potatoes.

Carrots are loved by both adults and guys.

This vegetable hides many interesting facts, which will be discussed in this informative article.


1. Afghanistan is the birthplace of carrots. In these beautiful mountainous regions, she always grew in the wild, was purple, yellow and white. The Dutch decided to develop a cultivated variety of yellow carrots, because this color was the color of the Oran dynasty of kings.


2. Carrots perfectly protect the cardiovascular system. It removes harmful cholesterol, increases the calcium content, therefore this vegetable is recommended both for sick people as an addition to medicines and healthy people for the prevention of heart diseases, especially with poor heredity.


3. Carrots in Latin – this is “carota”. Vitamin B-carotene was isolated from carrots, the content of which in this vegetable is very large.


4. Carrots are useful in any form. It is eaten fresh, steamed or boiled. After heat treatment, this vegetable loses some vitamins, but is better absorbed by the body.


5. Regular consumption of carrots in large quantities can change the skin color to orange. This property of carrots is used by cat breeders with orange ears and tail. To preserve the color and beauty of the pet, they give the pet some raw carrots as an addition to the food. And in zoos, carrots give flamingos. In the wild, these birds eat crustaceans, and in captivity they eat a little carrots, and both of these can preserve the color of the plumage.



6. The California town of Holtville is the world’s carrot capital. In this American city, the Carrot Festival is held every year at the end of winter. The celebration begins with the election of the Queen of Carrots. For a whole week, Americans compete in the culinary arts, prepare crown dishes from carrots. The sports part of the holiday is throwing carrots on the target, the vegetable is used as a sports equipment. Of great interest to the public is the parade of platforms decorated with carrots.


7. During the war with the Nazis, British military pilots developed special night vision devices. This made it possible to destroy German aircraft at night. The British wanted to keep a military secret and came up with the myth that due to the regular use of carrots for food, they began to see much better at night.

8. In carrots, not only the root crop is edible, but also the leaves. The tops of this vegetable are used for cooking borsch, main dishes, salads and even tea.


9. Carrots are 90 percent water, a blender will help to verify this.


10. The Guinness Book of Records includes the longest carrots grown by humans. The English peasant Joe Atherton grew a giant carrot the size of a machine. The vegetable was 5 meters long 84 centimeters, but the record size was mainly due to the long tails of the root crop.


11. A resident of Alaska grew a carrot weighing one year old child. The miracle root crop weighed 8 kilograms of 610 grams.

12. Europeans think carrots are not vegetables, but fruits. They were forced to abandon the generally accepted botanical classification, because in the EU countries jam and jams can only be made from fruits. But the Portuguese love carrot jam, and for the sake of a tasty treat, the country’s authorities changed the law, and carrots became a fruit.


13. A resident of Sweden in 1996 lost the gold ring. She searched for jewelry for a long time, but never found it. Fifteen years passed, and during the harvest in the garden, the Swede found a root crop of carrots decorated with a golden ring. The woman recognized her lost ring, and for a long time was in shock.


14. Carrots perfectly strengthens teeth, tooth enamel, reduces the likelihood of caries and other dental diseases. This fruit serves as an analogue of a toothbrush.


15. Pregnant women need to eat carrots, because there are a lot of vitamins, but don’t be zealous, otherwise a baby with orange skin may be born. You need to eat a hundred grams of fresh carrots per day, but not a kilogram.


16. For many centuries, German chefs have been able to make coffee from carrots according to a unique recipe. This “soldier’s coffee” raises the mood, increases the tone of the body, very tasty.


17. In the seventeenth century, breeders began to grow orange carrots everywhere, and called it “carrot”. From these times, famous French carrot sauces appeared, which were made by the best chefs of the most expensive restaurants. These famous sauces today are delicacies.

18. Slavic healers added carrots to honey, and it turned out a cure for many ailments. It was a real storehouse of vitamins, which healed people with a variety of diseases.


19. Scientists have proven that smokers who eat carrots as food have an increased risk of lung cancer, because nicotine and carrots are incompatible things. But non-smokers, on the contrary, need to regularly eat carrots to protect themselves from possible cancer.


20. The largest producer of carrots is China – 20.5 million tons per year. In second place with a noticeable lag – Uzbekistan (2.3 million tons per year), in third place – Russia (1.8 million tons per year). After this three countries leading carrot growing countries are the United States, Ukraine, Poland and the United Kingdom.


21. British beauties in the seventeenth century loved to decorate hats with flowers, feathers and leaves. Often it was possible to meet English women in whom pleasantly smelling and long-fading carrot leaves were attached to the hat.

22. Fresh carrots and juice from it are contraindicated for people suffering from peptic ulcer.


23. In the Russian language there is an expression “love-carrot”, meaning a light, short-lived, non-binding relationship between a man and a woman.


24. In the Egyptian city of El Gourdak, there is a monument to a boy who, with both hands, holds a huge carrot in weight.


25. In Russia, they loved to sculpt snowmen in winter, who had a carrot instead of a nose.

This is the first article in the new column, “This is Interesting.”

Dear readers, I hope that the section will be informative for you, and you will learn with interest about some of the amazing properties of plants and cases from their lives.

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