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How to feed cherries?

Top dressing in the spring – ash, on a liter jar, on moist soil, on the perimeter of the crown, 1 tablespoon of urea and 2 tablespoons of chlorine-free potassium (when fed with potassium chloride it will drop leaves) per 10 liters of water (at least 3 – 4 buckets per plant). Can be replaced with potassium nitrate (2 tablespoons). During intensive growth of the ovaries should be sprayed on the leaves with a solution of trace elements. In addition, you need another liter jar of ash for building pits.

In mid-August – 2 tablespoons of double granular superphosphate and 1 tablespoon of potassium per 10 liters of water (at least 4 buckets) and again a liter jar of ash. A liter can of ash can be replaced with 1 cup of dolomite. In late autumn, after dropping leaves, you can make a couple of buckets of organics or pour feces, as well as apricot.

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