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How to get rid of ants

Hello dear readers!

This season, there were just hordes of ants in their summer cottage. Wherever you look, they are everywhere.

Ants are uninvited guests in the house and in the summer cottage, so we are trying hard to get rid of this trouble.

It is difficult to remove insects, since the destroyed ant population is immediately restored and occupies nearby territories.

Ants can cause irreparable damage to cultivated plants.

They can build anthills inland, damaging the roots of plants. As a result, productivity drops significantly.

If the ant settlements are located on a part of the garden zone, then in this place you should not wait for a crop of vegetables or berries.


Ants breed fast.

We, the owners of the plots, trying to get rid of them, can use the wrong methods of eliminating pests, as a result the number of insects will increase even more and they can climb into the house.

While in the house, they create their own storage facilities, which store all the garbage and excrement.

Over time, mold forms in that place, which adversely affects the human respiratory tract.

In addition, an ant can bite a person, in rare cases, a bite can cause inflammation and infection.

What are ants

Most ants are useful, but there are two types of pests of the garden and the garden: a garden ant (red and black) and turf.

Absolutely all kinds of ants live in their “society”, divided into classes:

• with wings (females and males responsible for the production of offspring),

• workers (responsible for the health of tunnels, food supplies),

• soldiers (guarding the colony).

Insects build their anthills above the surface of the ground, underground, near the roots of trees or bushes.

In homes, ants choose habitats under the windowsill, in cracks, holes, closets, baseboards and so on.

You can see these types of ants:

1. Pharaohs – yellow ants, do not build anthills, live in warm houses.

2. Red – house ant, settled on the site, but climb into the living room.

3. Black – live only on the site.

To find out how insects appeared in the house is difficult.

They can be quietly brought home with fruits or vegetables, sometimes they just penetrate the house, migrating in search of food.

Mutual assistance between ants and aphids

Where ants live, aphids live there. These insects get along well together.

Aphids suck the juices from plants, producing a sweet liquid that ants eat.

When she does not have enough food, ants transfer aphids to other plants. Ants also protect and protect aphids from external enemies.

Therefore, in order to completely defeat pests, additional measures must be taken against aphids.

The first step is to treat the plants with insecticides.

Aphids can be destroyed by chemical and biological agents.

Among the most effective biologics are Entobacterin, Biotlin, Tanrek and Fitoverm.

Chemical insecticides must be addressed when biological insecticides no longer work. After processing by chemical means, the crop from the garden should not be consumed for 1 month.

The most effective are Kinmix, Intavir, Karate and Spark.

How to deal with pests
Mechanical methods
Before the destruction of the insect, you need to find and identify each anthill.

1. You need to dig the entire anthill.

2. After digging, add ash and lime to the ground.

Chemical methods
An effective chemical preparation against ants is GLOBOL (powder). In two weeks, the pests will disappear.

How to apply: two methods can be used

1. Sprinkle dry “Global” on the anthill and on their paths (10 grams per 1 square meter).

Insects will bring poison to the anthill, after eating the powder they will die.

2. Stir the powder with water (one pack + 5 liters of water). Pour the solution on the anthill and on the places around it.

Thus, the entire colony of ants will die immediately.

Good results were shown by such drugs: “Summer resident”, “Delicia”, “Muratsid” and “Diazinon.”

Alternative methods against ants on the site
The following funds stop the pest for a while, so that there is an effect, it is necessary to use it in combination with other means.

1. Ants do not tolerate certain odors. This is the smell of mint, oregano, wormwood, lemon and lavender.

2. If the anthill is sprinkled with boric acid or soda, the ants will leave.

3. You can add vegetable oil to the anthill mixed with water.

4. You can destroy the ants settlements if you pour boiling water there.

The procedure should be carried out in the evening, when the working ants returned to the colony.

Before pouring the anthill must be stirred.

How to avoid the invasion of ants near the house

1. Digging the ground is one of the possible methods of controlling insects. This method reduces their numbers.

2. Processing trunks with a solution of lime (3 kilograms per bucket of water) will not allow ants to settle under trees and bushes.

How to get ants out of the house

A well-known drug against ants is boric acid. From it you can cook the bait by adding honey and minced meat.

Insects will eat the bait and die.

New magnetic resonance agents do not cope well with ants, as well as ultrasonic repellers.

Pests do not affect the influence of devices.

Chemical pesticides in the home

In the premises against insects, you can use “Raptor”, “Regent”, “GLOBOL” (gel), “Front Line” or “Get” microcapsules.

Folk remedies for exterminating ants indoors

1. Indoors, you can put bay leaves, mint leaves or oregano.

The smell of garlic, parsley and tansy will also scare away ants.

2. You can arrange the jars of honey by adding yeast there.

Ants like the smell of yeast; they will eat the bait and carry it to their anthill.

After the yeast gets into the anthill, all products in their warehouses will deteriorate due to the fermentation process and the ants will have nothing to eat, so they will simply leave their habitat or die of starvation.

How to prevent a problem
So that the problem with ants does not arise at all, it is necessary to remove the remnants of food from the table and throw garbage in a timely manner.

One ant is not dangerous, but he can bring several with him, and later all ants migrate to the house and then it will not be easy to bring them out.



Recommended methods will help get rid of a large number of pests, and in the future will prevent their appearance.

Following the recommendations, you can forever forget about the threat of pest invasion.

See you soon, dear readers!

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